Charles Hubert Black & Mesh Ballpoint Pen -GM9182

Charles Hubert Black & Mesh Ballpoint Pen -GM9182
Item# GM9182
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Product Description

Give your friends and colleagues a gift that conveys quality

  • This spectacular Charles Hubert Black & Mesh carbon fiber ballpoint consists of thin strong crystalline filaments of carbon used as a strengthing material for a lifetime of durability.
  • Modern carbon fiber design with black cap and detailed carbon fiber accents.
  • Charles Hubert Paris pens are available with various metallic and lacquer finishes and decorative accents.
  • Our selection of Charles Hubert Black & Mesh Ballpoint Pen measures 5.5 inches long presented with a lifetime warranty in a deluxe gift box.
  • We offer customized gift wrapping for all occasions.

During the past decade, Charles-Hubert Paris has established itself as a well know world class pen manufacturer. The Charles-Hubert Paris Fountain Pen is a high-quality yet inexpensive choice,with both modern and classic styling to choose from.

When jewelry gift ideas tend to be repetitive, giving a pen as a gift can be innovative. The meanings can be as varied as your mind is creative. A pen symbolizes intellect. Therefore a gift of a Charles-Hubert pen shows recognition, which bestows respect to an individuals important professional role.

To a writer, a pen stands for introspection, the ability to see things differently in a deeper level. You’ll be glad to know that Charles-Hubert ballpoint pen allows multiple options in color and material design. This enhanses options for investors to diligently choose each pen to their personal preference. A Lifetime warranty against defects ensures the Charles-Hubert Paris pen by far to be the most intelligent choice.